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How would it change your life if you could read and understand all the books quickly without getting bored? 🌠🌟🎊

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Speed Reading with Understanding

Take Smart Courses Anywhere!

Compatible with Computer, Tablet and Mobile Phone.

In the developing world, information is now more easily accessible. The biggest shortcoming of today's people is that the learning rate is slow when you can access information so easily and there are so many alternatives.

With Zeybox Speed ​​Reading Program, you can take an automatic Smart Course that is completely tailored to your level.

The program includes dozens of exercises, speed-reading exercises, attention and concentration development activities, and a full library of book content.
If you wish, you can do the work you want in free mode and adjust it according to your own wishes.

You can also easily add your own text files to your library and work on it.

🌟 The program is compatible with Computer, Tablet and Phone.

🌟 It can be used easily from all devices.
🌟 Suitable for all age groups
🌟 Provides you with customized training with Smart Course Mode
🌟 Gets automatic updates
🌟 You can delete and reopen as many Smart Courses as you want.
🌟 You can add your own articles to your library.
🌟 You can practice reading on any text in the library.
🌟 You can even create a test that measures the understanding rate for the text files you add.
🌟 You can use it in Smart mode or Free mode.
🌟 All works include dynamic settings. You can customize it if you wish.

Reading and learning has no age limit. The value of knowledge and time day by day Speed ​​Reading with Understanding gives you great value in your life. will add.

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